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CCTV Systems

Protect your home or business premises with an effective and cost-efficient deterrent against crime. CCTV can be used to monitor virtually anything, including town centres, transport systems, commercial, industrial and domestic premises, visitors to buildings and access controlled points.

The CCTV images can be recorded on a digital video recorder (DVR) or Network video recorder (NVR) and viewed locally or remotely via a PC. All systems can be viewed via all major smart phones I-Phone, Android and Blackberry and many more...

ONC Security can also monitor your system remotely to a 24hr CCTV Monitoring Station dispatching key holders and / or the Gardai when necessary.

CCTV systems are available in many options below are just a few of the systems ONC Security can provide.


Standard Camera Systems

Standard analogue or Digital IP Cameras can be installed covering perimeters and entrance/exit points to vulnerable areas. Active or Passive Infra-Red motion detectors will detect intruders entering the site illegally. CCTV images will be recorded locally on the DVR/NVR or transmitted to your smart phone or back to the Monitoring Centre and their operator will contact the appropriate response team and the Gardai.

Rapid deployment wireless RSI Cameras

These discrete stand-alone cameras can be deployed quickly and set up to transmit live pictures back to the Monitoring Centre or any smart phone.

• Built-in Motion detector. This will detect intruders and trigger the unit to send live pictures to the Monitoring Centre.
• Totally wireless camera. No Cables/power required.
• 3G or GPRS communication with the Monitoring Centre.
• 12 metre range in open air.
• Built in infra-red LEDs allowing the camera to operate at 0.2 lux light                     levels.

Thermal Imaging Camera Systems

The ideal tool for seeing in total darkness, in most weather conditions is thermal imaging. Thermal imaging is the use of a thermal imaging camera to “see” thermal energy emitted from an object.
• Thermal imaging cameras produce images of invisible infrared or “heat” radiation.
• Based on temperature differences between objects, thermal imaging produces a crisp image on which the smallest of details  can be seen.
• Suitable for 24 hours use (day and night).

Requires no additional lighting or illumination


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