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Intruder alarms vary greatly in both price and complexity. Our approach enables us to design a system specific for you and the property you are looking to protect.

Our systems range from grade 2 low/medium risk to grade 4 high risk for those requiring to meet the highest of insurance requirements. Our experienced staff will be able to review your premises and suggest the correct equipment for your environment to avoid unnecessary false alarms. Currently there are 3 systems available:

Fully wired system.

Wireless system.

Hybrid system ( combining both wired and wireless) 

All systems are installed to satisfy the current legislation and are certificated under EQA Certification and licensed by the PSA (Private Security Authority).  You will be issued with a copy of this certificate.
Upon activation you can choose how the alarm signals, whether it be;

Audible only – just rings at your building inside and out.

Auto Dialler (If landline is present) connected to your home phone and sends a recorded message to stipulated telephone numbers upon activation.

GSM Dialler (where no landline is available) sends alerts and messages to predetermined keyholders alerting you of alarm activation.

Or to send a signal to a 24hr, 365 day a year IS228/BS5979 approved (ARC) Alarm receiving centre.  On receipt of the activation signal, the ARC controller will contact the predetermined keyholders/Gardai.  This way you know your alarm will be acted on. This can be via;

PSTN signal (standard landline)
GSM only (where no landline is available)
Dualcom (dual communications standard landline and GSM combined)
GPRS/IP (communications via Broadband where available)

Intruder Alarms

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