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GPS Tracking

Vehicle Tracking:


ONC Security can supply and install a variety of vehicle tracking devices, to enable you to track loads, monitor mileages and also act as a fleet management system, ensuring cost effective use of transport and identifying unauthorized removal of vehicles


Starfinder AVL 110 is considered one of the most reliable AVL (automatic vehicle location) in the industry.

• It is a robust unit and guarantees network connection.
• It utilizes a wide range of input power from 9V to 48V.
• Input / Output switches can be connected to the horn, door, ignition system –    allowing remote disabling of the vehicle.
• Periodical report of location based on time or distance travelled.
• Option with backup battery and RF keyfob.

Starfinder Lite Lux  is a powerful and compact AVL,  incorporating the same features as the Starfinder AVL 110, with additional benefits of;

• accelerometer for accident alert,
• multiple geo-fences,.
• Multiple IP for secure connection,
• Speaker and microphone design with panic button, Input / Output switches can be connected to the horn, door, ignition system – allowing remote disabling of the vehicle.

S911 MicroCovert (portable) is a device that can attach to underneath of the vehicles without installation.

• Equipped with strong magnets with robust water & dust proof housing.
• Position report based on time and distance, including geo-fences  parameters
• It can apply to private vehicles, trailers, and machinery.
• It comes with 2 versions. The 21A for average 20 days battery life and 8A for average 10 days battery life

• Ideal for security application in covert operation.

GPS Tracking,Fleet managment
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