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The Intimidator Rapid Deployment Unit

Introducing the new Intimidator RDU (rapid deployment unit)

The cost of vandalism and theft is continually on the increase- currently costing businesses over €1 Million euros per day.

Insurance premiums are forever increasing as a result, which dramatically affects the profits of every company.


  • Construction Sites

  • Vacant properties

  • Motorway maintenance

  • Rail maintenance compounds

  • Public events; sports/concerts crowd control etc.

The Intimidator rapid deployment unit is a visible 24/7 365 day deterrent.

Made in a vandal resistant unit with the following specification as standard:

  • 18x optical zoom PTZ camera

  • 7m height when fully extended

  • UPS battery back up

  • Full motion detection

  • 4g/3g wireless transmission

  • IR and White light to 100 metres

  • Full Audio warning

  • Deployed and operating within 30 minutes

  • Full internal levelling system

  • No external sharp edges, safe for use in public spaces

  • Designed to meet BS8418 standards

Purchase options:

  • Please call to discuss options.

Manufactured and built in Ireland,

Call now for further information.

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